Owner of The Light House Co (cowork + coaching)

Owner & Community Manager – my story {with snippets of business advice built in} that led to the heart and why behind TLHC.

Around 2014 I got laid off from a job I loved, a job I poured my everything into, a job that I sometimes think I cared more about than the owners of the company ( I am not saying that is true but I often felt that way when working there). When I got laid off I was completely defeated, hurt, and had no idea where I wanted to go from that. I had worked so hard (in my own strength) to do whatever I could to help this business thrive and then the owner let me go.

In hindsight being let go was the best thing and exactly what I needed at that time. This was a catalyst to help me see how stressed I was about something I didn’t even own. It was the catalyst to help me take control of some work and family balance and spend some much needed time with my girls. And it was a catalyst to push me to where I needed to be but would have never gone.

So I did it, I ventured out on my own to help other business owners with the things that came seemed to come easy to me but didn’t always make sense to them (or they didn’t have the energy to figure out). I realized I loved to solve problems and I loved to teach solutions. My love and passion for teaching & training others started to really come out. I realized strengths I never knew I had (I also realized some things I really disliked doing and some things I wasn’t so great at but maybe thought I was…can you say time management working from home with long deadlines…that’s another blog post in the works). This job had taught me a lot and one key thing it showed me was how much I could care for something that wasn’t even mine. This layoff led me to see and recognize needs that other business owners had that I knew I could help with, and so I just simply offered to help.

When you feel stuck in life, jumping in to help others can give you a huge sense of accomplishment and help you see past the hard stuff you are working through. It can help you see past the now and know there is another side of it. When we get the focus off of ourselves (and stop looking at our feet) we can look up and move forward – I know you’ve heard it before but IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU (sorry not sorry). This point also brings me to another thought (and maybe another future blog post) that when you have an idea, a thought or just want more and you are thinking of starting something new (like a business); get creative and think about how you can start small, how can you find just 1 customer, then another and another until it becomes exactly what you are looking for.

From this came a partnership to help other businesses with areas of business they were needing some support and encouragement in.

I found a new passion for helping business owners understand and get a handle on their business finances, and found I LOVE teaching and helping others to manage and run their own bookkeeping and reporting. (It is so crucial to have a handle on your business numbers in order for them to help you make business-related decisions with knowledge and information (facts).

Through volunteering, I also knew I had a passion for communications and so social media communications was a natural fit within that. My passion and experience (volunteer and work) made it easy for me to see so many internal and external communications opportunities for many of my clients, it was truly a privilege to help several clients develop their internal and external communications processes. This included social media which at the time I truly didn’t know a whole lot about but I am very determined and when it comes to computer systems and tools I am a pretty quick learner.

It is a great asset to be able to recognize the things you are good at and acknowledge them. Be proud of your strengths and use them to propel yourself forward. It’s not cocky (unless you act cocky).

So how did all this lead me to see the need for a Leduc Cowork space? Honestly working on my own from home as a consultant for other businesses was lonely. I just longed to have someone to have lunch with, to have coffee with (but not like an hour-long coffee because I had work to do). I wanted to have others I could bounce ideas off of, people I could ask questions, people who got what running a business with family right alongside was like. I have friends who get these things but we didn’t have a space conducive to productive work and authentic connection. As I had these conversations with those around me I realized I wasn’t alone, others wanted connection, accountability, a productive space (coffee shops just don’t work for me, and sometimes home just doesn’t work either), and all the things that a professional environment offers. But to be honest I am very frugal and the thought of paying high rents somewhere for a place to work was just not a priority for me.

I realize this is a little ironic as I have taken on a large space with a big lease; BUT with big dreams of FILLING it to share the costs and help others like me, with big dreams, pay a low month to month fee for an energetic, productive space to CONNECT, DEVELOP (themselves and their business) and CREATE the life and business that they dream of. So I invite you to come to COnnect + COlloborate over COffee because THIS IS WHAT COworking is all about.

Thanks for reading! -Amber-