Cowork Memberships

We’ve got a seat for you; Come be part of our COmmunity of members with access to:

  • Connections and business development training to help you thrive in your business.
  • Professional, comfortable, energizing environment with various work areas including stand up bar, desks, tables, and couch seating areas.
  • No long term lease commitments – just give us 30 days notice to cancel or change.

The Perks:

  • All memberships include wifi & coffee (what more do you need?)
  • Discounted rates on meeting room bookings
  • Discounted rates on business development training / events
  • Access to member only events
  • Secure keyfob access

Book a Tour:

Let us have you over to “our house” for coffee. We would love to get to know you and show you around to see how TLHCO can be a great space for you to create your light bulb moments. Fill out the contact form below and select “book a tour” or click here to book now.

Let us help you CREATE community, DEVELOP yourself and your business, and be Productive!

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